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Why Long Beach Real Estate Is Booming

Why Long Beach Real Estate Is Booming

Courtesy of Isabella Mendes

Long Beach is a coastal, urban paradise that has been on the downlow, until recently. Conveniently located between Orange County and Los Angeles, this waterfront city is showing up on developers’ radars. Since the Great Recession, new developments have been popping up all over the city at increasing rates.
Unlike other parts of Los Angeles, Long Beach is a very pro-development and pro-investment. Because of its close proximity to transit and two major metropolises, young people are flocking to the city to live a life near the water, amongst diversity, and to jump into a growing job base.
Downtown Long Beach is projected to be the fifth largest market for real estate in Los Angeles County this year. A resurgence of businesses in the Long Beach Airport area is also being noticed. In the next two years, new residential projects will be strong, which will lead to an increase in entertainment and retail.

Revitalization of the Queen Mary and the surrounding area will also attract more people. Long Beach is on its way to being the next Santa Monica. Some residents are not happy about this as they refer the quiet lifestyle, but many experts say this won’t happen because of its distance from West LA.

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