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Who’s Your (Burger) Daddy?

Who’s Your (Burger) Daddy?

The hamburger, one of the most iconic and American dishes of all time, in my opinion is the most neglected menu item. You can find a burger at most eateries, even if it doesn’t fit the rest of the menu. A burger is something restaurants like to add for those all too well-known picky eaters. The indecisive or unadventurous will find a burger on a menu full of words they don’t like or don’t understand and feel confident in their decision. This has led to some serious lack-luster dine-in burgers over the years and as a burger lover some even more serious disappointment.

Photo by Cassidy Liston

Just before the stay at home orders began, a new burger joint hit the scene guns blazing. Burger Daddy, with its quippy name and simple menu, was looking to fill a desire for quick affordable food. They were even open late for the post bar crowd. I couldn’t wait to give them a try. The interior is a well decorated take on a vintage burger shop made modern. Loft seating on the second floor lends to good people watching and a little more privacy if you’re dining with someone special or even having a lunch meeting. For my first visit, I decided to try their twist on the classic Juicy Lucy burger. An iconic cheese filled burger from Minneapolis that you don’t often see on menus on the West Coast. When it first arrived, I thought they had gotten my order wrong. The patty looked almost like a fried chicken sandwich. I re-read what I had ordered and realized the confusion, the burger was described as a “Panko Fried Beef and Onion Patty”. The panko giving it the crispy fried appearance. I was disappointed and unsure about my order, but decided to keep my mind open and grabbed a seat with my frozen glass of rose.
Hesitantly, after taking a few pictures of course, I dug in. The burger was unlike any one I had had before and I was hooked from the first bite. The panko onion patty was crispy, flavorful, and perfectly cook. The gooey American cheese in the patty’s center was the perfect amount and paired well with the tangy house made “spread”. Just like that, I was a believer. I’ve been back serval times since, including take out during the dark times of no outdoor seating, and have never been disappointed. When I tried the “Western Burger” on my most recent trip to their spacious outdoor dining area, I was happy to report the sweet and tangy BBQ sauce was delightful with their rich cheese sauce and grilled onions. The classic smash burgers, lovingly deemed the “Daddy Burger” and the “Two Dads” are a set of more classic style hamburgers that rival California’s famous you-know-who-burger.
Photo by Cassidy Liston

Burger Daddy is one of those rare burger spots that can satisfy the picky, the traditional, and the adventurous equally and deliciously. They even offer a seasoned fry that I have become hopelessly addicted to. Their “Tangy Fries” are topped with a Togarashi salt that’s a refreshing mix of salty, spicy, and sweet which makes them the perfect companion to a cold beer on a warm afternoon, which they have several of on tap. There are more burgers I need to try over at Burger Daddy, including their fusion style Katsu Burger and their vegan options. Yes, you heard me right, vegan options, that include vegan shakes! What I look forward to most is the safe reopening of bars, so I can head underneath Burger Daddy to The Blind Donkey. In the cool speak easy bar there’s a retro looking kiosk where you can place an order for all your favorites from Burger Daddy, while enjoying a happy hour whiskey sour. I imagine that’s what bliss will feel like.

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  • by Jay Stephens
    Posted July 31, 2020 4:26 pm 0Likes

    Sounds yummy!!! Love the article and the pictures

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