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Now that everything is officially open it’s time to get back in the game, BUT before we get too busy we can’t think, why not instead take some time to focus on you, your mental health, your spiritual well being, your body and soul. This month we are focusing all on wellness and self care, we’ll be visiting places all over LB to get our minds and body ready for what’s next!

First stop, @TheSaltLoungeLB, this black owned small business takes relaxation to the next level, have you ever heard of a himalayan salt room? I met up with @explorelongbeach and we checked it out for ourselves. Mention you saw this video and get 20% off your next visit at the Salt Lounge.  #bewellLB #lbliving #selfcare #wellness #mindfulness #mentalhealth #metime #memoment #relax #supportsmalbusiness
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