3 Reasons Why Installing a Backyard Pool Is The Right Choice!

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Nothing says summer vacation like the sound of splashing in a swimming pool. From children to baby boomers, a swimming pool brings thoughts of relaxation and cooling off. Once an unattainable luxury, it has become quite possible to entertain the thought of getting a private pool of your own at home. Some homeowners may hesitate to have a pool installed, thinking of all the responsibilities that come with one. It is certainly important to consider the pros and cons; however, the benefits may certainly outweigh the drawbacks.

Here are three great reasons to go ahead and install that pool you and your family, have been dreaming of.


One reason people leave to go on vacation is to get somewhere with amenities, like a pool. With a pool in the backyard, some lounge chairs around it, and a shady umbrella or two, you can get that oasis feeling by simply stepping outside. Having this kind of amenity at home can lead to reduced stress, physical relaxation, and more enjoyment of your own space. Imagine the savings on plane tickets, hotel rooms, or theme park passes when you have a getaway just steps from your back door.

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Resale Appeal

Let’s face it. Most people are not brave enough to have a pool installed after they have purchase their home. When it comes time to sell, your home will appeal to far more buyers if it already has a pool in place. The ability to reach a larger group of potential buyers is priceless in the home selling market. A pool draws the eye of buyers and could make the difference in a deal, or no deal.

Entertainment Value

There is no better way to get the kids outside from in front of the television or to be able to avoid your annoying great aunt at a gathering, than having the inherent entertainment value of a pool. Hosting is far easier when your guests are occupied, and a pool does an excellent job at keeping everyone happy. It is a built-in plan for birthday parties, work gatherings, or simple cocktail hours, allowing you to avoid the stress of coming up with creative ideas.

Simply put, a pool is a fantastic way to enhance your home. It makes time at home more enjoyable, is an attractive selling point, and keeps everyone wanting to stick around the house.



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