10 Things To Know About Long Beach Before You Move There

1. Ferris Bueller’s House Is Actually In Long Beach

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But wait, you say, I’m a huge John Hughes fan, and I distinctly remember a number of hijinx happening all over Chicago in that flick. Well, you cinema savant, you’re right, but Ferris’s digs were actually located at 4160 Country Club Drive in Long Beach. Fun fact: the owners of the house actually continued living in the house alongside the film’s entire cast and crew during shooting.

2. Check Out These Haute Dogs

The Bulldog Beauty Contest is held annually in Long Beach, California. If you’ve ever wanted to spend an afternoon watching bulldogs dressed like people getting judged for their looks, this is the place to do it.

3. Craft Jerky: The Next Hip Obsession Has Arrived

The same guy that co-owns The Wine Bar also founded Long Beach Jerky Co. It looks like he’s onto something again because these home-spun packets of dried meaty joy are the next craft comestible. What’s next, craft roasted peanuts? Wait. Note to self…

4. You Might Get Sand In Your Yoga Pants

Meetup is going to become your best friend for a lot of reasons, the chief one being getting your asana on at the bluff with Dharma from Yogulation. They teach Aryuvedic yoga. Even when it gets negligibly colder, there’s always a big variety of spiritually-oriented classes at the studio on Broadway.

5. The Tourists Will Be The Ones On The Hydrobikes

There are plenty of novelty water sports to be enjoyed, not just hydrobikes—those are the ones that make your feet look like huge bananas. You can rent them from Long Beach Hydrobikes for a day and take a tour of Alamitos Bay.

6. Long Beach Has The Full Cruise Experience Without The Risk Of Icebergs

What’s with the huge Titanic lookalike sitting out in the bay, you may ask? That’s the Queen Mary, and it’s British and possibly haunted. Take a tour, spend the night with your honey and recreate the big party scene from that one James Cameron movie everyone cried about.

7. You’re Not A Local Until You’ve Eaten At Joe Jost’s

This family-owned bar is the darling of the neighborhood and purveyor of Joe’s Special (a hotdog with pickle, mustard and cheese on rye) and fresh roasted Marmion Peanuts. Also, delicious pickled eggs.

8. Long Beach Is Not In Love With The Breakwater

If you’re in SoCal, you’ve likely come for some “gnarly waves.” Well, keep looking—this town was once called the West Coast Waikiki, but it hasn’t seen any good surf since the Federal Government built the breakwater in the 1940s. Surfrider Foundation is championing the “Sink the Breakwater” campaign to reconfigure the breakwater and restore the natural flow of ocean currents in Long Beach Harbor.

9. While We’re Talking About It, Yes, The Beach Is Very Long

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The ten mile stretch of beach starts at the marina south of Long Beach Café (burgers and omelets!) and goes all the way over to the San Gabriel River and the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club (lots of ritzy boats).

10. Long Beach’s Neighborhoods Change Every Two Blocks

And they can go from quaint suburb to something rougher pretty quick. If you’re a cool kid like me, think Belmont Shore. If you’re loaded, think Naples. If you don’t want to live in Long Beach but still say you live in Long Beach, go to Signal Hill.

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