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Q Film Festival gave us “The Feels”

Q Film Festival gave us “The Feels”

The Q Films Festival kicked off this weekend with an excitement and anticipation of many highly talked about films making their way across the film festival circuit. One of the films we were able to catch up and see was “The Feels.” This movie is written by, directed by and starring Jenee LaMarque.
And it was wonderfully hilarious.
“The Feels” takes you on a comedic bachelorette weekend, in which, trouble surfaces after Lu (Angela Trimbur) reveals she has never had an orgasm.
What really made this film fascinating was that it was filmed in only 12 days, and aside from a few talking points, completely improvised.  A very impressive feat for having very little time for character development.
The audience’s reaction was a consensus laugh out loud funny. “The Feels” make the audience have some good feels.
But this film was not the only one that had people on the edge of their seats. Many attendees also spoke out about their anticipation for “Saturday Church” and “Sebastian.”
With a large crowd awaiting every upcoming film and a Q&A after the movie to get a more personalized experience of the inspiration and meaning behind the films, the Q Film Festival had another successful year.

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