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The first thing that must be answered when talking about Long Beach is how did it get its name? And Yes, you are right by saying it is because is has a long beach. In 1888, residents renamed the town Long Beach after its long, wide beaches. But, this is not the only intriguing thing about this city, take a look at some fun facts that make long beach world famous.

Home To The Nations Skinniest House

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Located on 708 Gladys Avenue, Long Beach Rosa Park neighborhood is the 10 x 50 ft. Guinness Book of World Record Skinniest House in the nation. This house was built in 1932 by a man named Nelson Rummond on a bet that he could not construct a house on a lot so small. Rummond won the bet when he built the nation’s skinniest house that stands 3-stories high and is a total of 860 sq. ft.

Oil Islands

The beautiful islands just off the coast decorated with palm trees, waterfalls, and condo high-rises unfortunately are not what they appear. They are offshore drilling rigs constructed by the THUMS Company. These oil rigs, which are a sight to see, are the only ones disguised in this manner in the US.

The Great Pyramid

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The Walter Pyramid (which stands 18-stories high) is located at Cal State Long Beach is the largest space-frame structure in North America is only one of three true pyramid structures in the United States.


Zillow recently names Long Beach in the top 10 most best-friendly cities in the United States. One reason is because Long Beach’s bike station was the very first full-service bike transit facility in the US.


The Museum of Latin American Art sits in the heart of Long Beach and is the only museum in the United States that is dedicated to Latin American Art. With four galleries and an outdoor sculpture garden MOLAA is a one of a kind place you need to visit.

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