How A Photo Can Sell Your House

Being able to showcase great real estate photos is a necessity to getting a house sold. With home buyers first looking online and on social media for homes, a photo can make or break a potential buyer from being interested in a home. Quality photos have never been more important in real estate so here are a few key shots we’ve learned will reel buyers in.

The Dream Kitchen Photo

The kitchen is a high priority for any home buyer. One of the first things new home buyers talk about during the home-buying process is if a kitchen meets their needs. If your kitchen is current and eye-catching, it is definitely worth highlighting the perfect photo.  Tip: Make sure to clean surfaces.

Curbside Photo

The biggest thing that reels buyers in is the curbside photo. Typically this is the first photo buyers will see, so it’s important to make it count. Capturing the right photo that makes your home look like a welcoming sight will make it a standout amongst others.

The Patio/Yard Photo

An elegant patio and big backyard are dreams for many buyers on the market. If your home happens to have one or the other then you should highlight it with the right picture. Do some lawn maintenance work or patio refreshing to get the right photo to catch home buyers attention.


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