Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

The new year brings a list of resolutions to tackle and implement on our lifestyles. Unfortunately, this new list of personal goals means a little less attention is paid to our homes. As you begin to settle into your new habits, it’s a good idea to start making a list of goals you’d like to achieve around the house to enjoy a blooming spring inside and outside the home. From cleaning up clutter to maintaining things organized here are five chores to make part of your new year home resolution just in time for spring.  

Clean up indoor paint

Unless your walls need a fresh coat of paint, go through them with a sponge and freshen up the paint on your doors and cabinets. Take a deeper look and spot the smudges and dust that build up in these areas. An easy run through will freshen the paint in the house and reduce the need for a new paint job.

Clean under the heavy stuff

It took time and lot of energy to put the fridge where it currently stands, the oven in its place, and the dresser in its corner. It’s understandable not to want to move them again. Though, there is dust and trash that can slip into these areas. This is not a daily chore, but it is one that should be done every few months to prevent bad build up over time.

Raid the Fridge

A common trend that tends to happen during the new year is putting more food in the fridge than we are taking out. With new diets or eating styles we outlined in the new year, eventually, there are a few of those items we just don’t get around too as much as we had hoped. Raid your fridge and take out the things that have made their way to the back of the fridge.

Mattress and Bedding

Refresh mattress by vacuuming and laying it on its side to fully air itself out. Replace the current sheets you have to give the bed a fresh new feel. It might be a good time to start packing up the winter weather bedding and start replacing it with springtime vibes.


There are a few windows that get all the attention while the rest go unnoticed. The dust and grime that gets into the surface of these windows will make them look old and cloudy. Take a look at the windows around the house and grab some window-cleaner to take the cloudiness right off.


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