It is officially August and the weather is here to prove it. Although we love the summer sun, it can be a bit uncomfortable at times. Many homes nowadays have air condition built into it, but some older ones, they do not. If you don’t have AC or you’re looking to reduce your bill, here are six creative and unique ways you can stay cool this summer.

1. Turn on the bathroom fan

You can turn on the bathroom fan or the stove’s overhead fan to help suck out the hot air. These fans were designed to pull out the hot air that rises from cooking or taking a shower.

2. Heat proof your bed

Running your AC at night can be the biggest waste of money. It runs for hours on end and you usually wake up cold. Chillows, pillows that are designed to keep you cool through the night are a great investment and are rather inexpensive. You can also take a hot water bottle, fill it with water, and stick in the freezer to chill. Once the temperature is to your liking, stick it under your sheets near your feet. This will cool you throughout the night.

3. Let the night air in

During the warm summer months, we typically get cooler nights. Once the sun has gone down and things have cooled off, open your windows to let the air in. You can also create a wind tunnel by opening a few windows and a fan. Keep these windows open throughout the night and in the morning before it starts getting warm, close them. You’ll trap the cool air in, creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for most of the day. Don’t forget to close the blinds to maximize the length of cool air that stays in your home.

4. Start grilling

Stay away from using your oven or stove during the summer or during heat waves. The heat from these appliances will also heat your home. If it’s already nearly 100 degrees outside, you don’t want an oven on that’s emitting 350+ degrees. Plus, this is a great excuse to use the grill and outdoor furniture.

5. Make long term improvements

If you are committed to not using your AC for years to come, there are some improvements you can make to your home to help keep it cool. You can start by planting trees or large shrubbery in front large windows that receive a lot of light. This will help protect your home from the sun’s rays. You can also look into installing insulated window films that work exactly like window blinds.

6. Turn your fan into an AC unit

You can create an AC-like unit with only a fan by placing a bowl of ice in front of it. The air from the fan will whip off the ice giving an extra cool and misty feel. Trust us, this will feel amazing and is much cheaper than trying to cool the whole home.


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