6 Things You Must Do When Selling Your Home!

Selling your home can be one of the biggest moments in your life. It’s both an exciting and a sad time, as you are closing a chapter of your life. On the bright side, you’ll be making new memories in a new home. Besides having a fabulous real estate agent, there are a few other factors that go into selling your home. Here are some of the best-kept secrets that will help you sell your home.


  1. Pricing it Right

Pricing your home right is probably one of the most important factors when selling your home. Pricing your home too high can drive prospective buyers away. Pricing it too low can also do the same. The best way to price your home correctly is to shave off 15 to 20 percent of your home value. This way buyers will be flocking to your home, placing multiple bids.

  1. Half empty closets

Storage is one first things prospective buyers look for when house hunting. You want to clear your closets of clutter to give them a more open look. Buyers will be looking in your closets, so make sure anything left in there is neatly organized.

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  1. Lighting

It’s all about the lighting. The lighting in a room can change it drastically. Make sure to clean your windows so all the potential light can enter. Also, take down any drapes or blinds that may be blocking additional light, plus cut the bushes that could also be blocking light from entering your home. Lastly, increase the wattage on your light fixtures to give the rooms a brighter effect.

  1. Conceal your furry friends

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone is a dog or cat lover. Before you have any potential buyers over, make sure to hide any food or water bowls and if you have cats, hide their litter box. Definitely, make sure to clean so prospective buyers don’t leave with pet fur stuck to their clothing.

  1. Take the home out of your home

Depersonalize your home before you show it to buyers. Buyers want to picture themselves living in your home, which can be hard with your family photos displayed throughout the house. Take down any trophies, religious decor, and family keepsakes.

  1. Sell your kitchen

As the most important room in your home, the kitchen should look it’s best. This means it should be spotless and any unused kitchen appliances should be stored in the cabinets. If your kitchen does need a makeover don’t go spending thousands on it. Start by applying a fresh new coat of paint and adding new cabinet hardware. You’ll be surprised how these two simple steps can make a huge difference.  



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