6 Energy Saving Tips for Spring



Now that spring is here and the weather will be warming up shortly, not that it ever got that cold. It’s time to look into ways you can save on your energy bill before the real heat rolls in. 

Give your AC a tune-up:

As the temperatures start climbing, air conditioners start working overtime. Before the hot weather season begins, make sure your AC is running properly and efficiently. Replace filters, check refrigerant levels and clean evaporator coils. It’s best to schedule an inspection to make sure your system is ready for the summer and catch any problems that may arise. A regular inspection can potentially reduce your AC’s energy consumption by 15 percent.

Clean out your fridge:

Refrigerators make up about 14 percent of the average household’s energy consumption. Cleaning up your fridge can help reduce this number. Start by rolling the fridge away from the wall and clean behind it with a vacuum hose or duster. Next, move onto cleaning out any unused or old food, but don’t leave your fridge completely empty as this will cause it to work twice as hard. Keeping your fridge two-thirds full is ideal. If your fridge is sitting next to the oven or in direct sunlight, consider moving it to a cooler location, if possible.

Be responsible with your thermostat

Experts say that the best energy saving temperature that is still comfortable is 78 degrees. We can be tempted to push the thermostat all the way down to blizzard mode in the middle of the summer, but keep in mind your energy bill. For each degree above 78, you can save six to eight percent energy consumption.

Seal the cracks

In the summer, cool air can seep through the cracks in your home, making your AC work twice as hard. If you come across any cracks you can seal them with clear or paintable caulk. By covering up these cracks you can cut your energy consumption by up to 30 percent.

Utilize natural ventilation

During the spring we still get nice weather with cool breezes, use this to your advantage. Open windows to create a cross breeze. Also, you can open your windows in the evening to obtain cool air and then close all your windows first thing in the morning. This will help keep your house cool longer through the day.

Invest in Energy Star Appliances

If you’re looking into investing in some new appliances this spring, consider Energy Star appliances. These appliances use less energy than older models and can reduce your home energy bill up to 50 percent. Energy Star Appliances not only save you money, but help save the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption.


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