5 Ways to make your room look picturesque

Of all the places in your home, the bedroom is your prized possession, your personal space, your sanctuary.  So, Keeping your room clean and feeling luxurious is always a goal. We understand room renovation can get a little expensive, so here are a few tips to give your room a luxurious feel without breaking the bank.

Take out instead of adding

What makes a room have a pristine look is not always about what you add to it, but rather what you take away. A minimal approach is definitely the way to go. Declutter your room, we understand some things are hard to let go, for those hard items find storage pieces that can provide a multi-purpose function.

Use Mirrors

You might have heard to keep mirrors away from your room, or at least from where you sleep. Though, a crucial thing that mirrors provide is space. And space in a room is a luxury.


Having a lighting piece that can double as an attention grabber goes a long way towards an upscale room. Adding multiple lights throughout your room will create a layered lighting effect and an elegant feel throughout.

Layer your bedding

I know, I know, a bed-in-a-box matched set is cheap and looks cute in the store, but if you’re really trying to go for an elegant feel in your room then the right decisions it to stay away. Choose your linens carefully. Find sheets, duvets, and quilts to make your bed look and feel plush.

Paint your ceiling

Painting your ceiling at least one color lighter than your walls, and using high-gloss paint to reflect light is what experts recommend will make your room pop and give your room the appeal you are seeking.


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