5 Simple Ways To Live Green In Long Beach

Climate change is making a very real threat to our planet. Although there is no single solution, we can all chip in to help reduce our footprint. Luckily, we live in a city that is already making great strides to create a more sustainable living, such as the new bike share system and zero admission busses. We can all do our part by making these 5 simple changes in our lives to live a little bit greener.

1. Stop using single-use straws, plastic water, bottles, coffee lids, and beverage cups.

Drink related trash makes up 36 percent of all trash collected at beaches around the country. World Economic Forum found that plastics in the ocean will outweigh fish pound for pound by 2050. Single-use straws, cups, and lids are some of the most consumed products that can easily be substituted. Most coffee shops will fill up your coffee container, usually at a discount.

2. Commute using the bus, subway, or train one day a week.

We know, this sounds absurd to most people living in Southern California, but if you’ve never taken public transportation, you may not realize how easy it is. We understand, for some, it is impossible because it will take too much time, but if you’re commuting to Downtown LA from Long Beach, try taking the blue line. Transportation is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses, leaving the car at home once a week will help with the solution. Plus, you can check your emails, read, or catch up on sleep when you commute via public transporation.  

3. Shop local.

Buying food from your local farmers market helps keep your local farmers in business and reduces the pollution they create. Also, buying vegetables from your farmers market can be healthier and more cost effective.

4. Swap out old appliances.

Swapping out old, inefficient washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and toilets for more eco-friendly models will be a win-win situation. You’ll be saving money on energy while also saving the environment. The LA Department of Water and Power actually has a number of rebates for customers who update to greener appliances and fixtures.   

5. Draw a two-mile circle around your house and walk everywhere within it.

We have a problem here in California of jumping in our cars to drive two blocks. Living in Long Beach, you’ll realize how close everything is and that a 30-minute walk is really not that bad. With the horrendous parking in this city, it is another win-win situation. Plus, walking is great for your health.



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