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Creepy crawly wall hanging

If you’re looking for a scare this BOO will do. Grab wooden letters, a rib- bon, spray paint, glue, and a bag full of spiders too. The bigger the letters the bolder the BOO!

Supplies Needed:

Wooden Letters (Paint if Needed) Ribbon
Plastic Spiders
Glue (We Used Hot Glue)


Spider laced pumpkin

Hot glue your spidey friends all over your pumpkin. The more legs that are tangled the more we will cringe. The hot glue will make great looking webs on it to boot!

Supplies Needed:

Pumpkin (Real or Arti cial) Cream Color Paint
Plastic Spiders
Hot Glue


Peek-A-Boo Ghost

Spongy and really uffy. These spooky friends are made with a loofah and some adorable eyes. Hide them throughout the house for a fun and spooky surprise.

Supplies Needed:

Shower Loofahs
Googly Eyes
Black Cardboard
Hot Glue (Other Glue May Work)


How Do You Boo?

Who said you can’t have a cordially snazzy Halloween wreath? Dress a foam wreath with a striped ribbon and a spiffy bow tie. Then hot-glue the letter B-O-O and add some glitter so it can shine.


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